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Current projects

Our hostel project for teen girls.

There is a lot of good work being done in Nepal for young children, but not so much for teenagers.
Seeing  the vulnerability of this specific age group Caring Unites has conducted a research over the past 2 years and decided to make preparations of starting a hostel for girl teenagers who are interested in learning a trade or continue their education.

We have had numerous conversations with principles  and teachers from schools  but also with our local contact persons.

Through those conversations we frequently  had to our plans to avoid unforeseen obstacles. We expect to face more challenges while running a hostel, but we are very pleased that so much has been accomplished already.

What is the extent of this project?
As per January 1, 2013, we have a home which is being used to provide a safe environment for young women to live and to pursue their education.

On the ground floor our local contact person lives together with his wife and 2 daughters. He is the supervisor and together with his wife responsible for the day-to-day running of the hostel.

The first floor is the accommodation for a maximum of 12 girls, who will live, study and sleep there, but also will receive daily guidance. Additionally there are 2 bathroom facilities with toilet and a guestroom. This guestroom can be used by sponsors who wish to stay there for a few nights.

Why this hostel?
For many children their stay at an orphanage ends when they reach the age of 15 or 16. If these children have no family in the direct area of have no family at all, they have to find their own shelter. Unfortunately they do not have money for this.

In the culture of Nepal it is not appropriate for girls to live alone in a room accommodation. Because of these various unfortunate circumstances it happens that the personal situation of these girls will have a negative outlook for their future.

For these girls we provide shelter in our hostel. We do this in cooperation with the hostel where younger children stay.

Our second target group are girls with parents that are too poor to allow them to attend school or that live in areas where there simply is no further education.

We truly hope that with your valuable support we will be able to accommodate more girls in the near future in our hostel.

Rinu is from a slum in Kathmandu; a brilliant girl, but underprivileged. The second girl Muna lives in very small village consisting of 5 families in total. There are no facilities in the village to further her education. Susma and Puja joined in 2013 and are both doing a bachelor degree. Muna will finish her studies in 2015.

The capacities and interests of these girls will be discussed with local school principals, with the purpose to offer them a better and independent future.

We are looking for new sponsors.

We are very enthusiastic about our project and will need many sponsors to offer more teenage girls the opportunity to stay at the hostel and have a chance to build up a future for themselves.
Of course each donation is more than welcome, but if you wish to  be more  involved with this project then you can choose to  sponsor  1 girl for several years and  follow her progress while keeping in contact with her.

You can  contact us.
For the children of our project we need sponsors and volunteers.There are many different ways in which you can contribute. Do not hesitate, but contact us for more information about our project and to learn more about the different possibilities to become a sponsor or volunteer.


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 Studie financiering voor jonge kinderen in Nepal.

Caring Unites maakt deel uit van een progamma voor school financiering ten behoeve van jonge schoolgaande kinderen in Nepal. Deze eerste fase van het school financiering progamma is een project van een lokale NGO in Nepal.

Caring Unites ondersteunt dit progamma en geeft voor de periode van 8 jaar school financiering aan:

Kind Arunima Shrestha/meisje (foto links boven)
Klas:- Vijf vanaf april, 2011
School Naam:- Gorkha Boarding School, Gorkha,
Jaarlijkse financiële steun € 150,00: maandelijks school geld, examen geld, inschrijvingsgeld, boeken/schriften etc.

En voor 12 jaar financiering aan

Kind Rojan Shrestha/jongen (foto rechts boven)
Klass:- UKG vanaf april, 2011
School Naam:- United Boarding School, Gorkha,
Jaarlijkse financiële steun € 170.00: maandelijks school geld, examen geld, inschrijvingsgeld, boeken/schriften etc.

De kosten per kind per jaar zijn ca € 150,00 – € 170,00.

Gunt u ook een kind een betere toekomst dan kunt u sponsor worden. Neem vandaag nog contact met ons op.