Because we care we unite and share

Caring Unites



Caring Unites objective is to help the women and children in Nepal. To care for someone else, if you can, is good and feels good. If this person lives in Nepal or in The Netherlands does not matter. Caring for others is what makes our world beautiful and worthwhile to live in. That is what Caring Unites stand for and that is what we aim to achieve. You can also support this worthy cause.

Circumstances caused by poverty result in the fact that 35 percent of the children in Nepal do not attend school. Most parents in Nepal cannot read or write and can only wish that their children will have a better future that they had.

Caring Unites does anything within their power to allow easy accessibility to education. Somtimes something as simple as supplying a child with a wintercoat can be enough to open new possibilities. Several months of the year the winter weather can be very cold in Nepal. Caring Unites has delivered wintercoats, build a girl toilet facility and supplied a generator for electricity at a school in Nepal.

Caring for someone else simply means: You imagine yourself in their situation and then you know exactly what is needed and how you can help.
When Jolanda Tetteroo and Harry van Ieperen visited the beautiful country of Nepal, they were touched by the deplorable circumstances in which children lived in orphanages. They are there because their parents are too poor to care for them. In the orphanage at least they could attend school. This image of these children never left Jolanda’s and Harry’s minds. Upon their return to Holland they visited a Notary and through his generousity they started the Foundation Caring Unites.